Colorful Solder Mask
Make Any Image on DIY PCBs

Colorful Solder Mask

I figured out how to make DIY solder mask that can be any picture and color I want.

This is exciting for me and my graduate course, Homemade Hardware. I figured out how to make DIY PCBs with any design and color soldermask I want (wow!).

Mid-Process of Solder Mask

The reason this is so exciting for my class, is because I teach non-engineers, mostly artists and designers, how to design and fabricate circuit boards. If I am able to teach them how to make those same boards with any 2d design they want, I expect it will make them even more excited about the course.

Not to mention, I hope some students will make some truly beautiful boards that would otherwise (not DIY) be possible (or at least not easy to get made somewhere).

For now, I have no documentation of the process, but next Spring I will be including this process in my class website.