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2020 › uArm Python API
2020 - Present › Oda Speaker System
2020 › Never Before Heard Sounds
Properly Trained Autoencoder › Tensorflow Simpsons Morph
A focus on hyperparameters to build the best model More ›

Generative Doodles › Tensorflow Doodling MDN
An attempt to train a model to mimic my doodling style More ›

Generative Throat Noises › Tensorflow Vocoder Autoencoder
A real-time musical instrument built with a custom vocoder and trained autoencoder More ›

Writings, tutorials, guides, and examples › Tensorflow Learning Materials
Some links on ML and Tensorflow readings, guides, and examples More ›

Make Any Image on DIY PCBs › Colorful Solder Mask
I figured out how to make DIY solder mask that can be any picture and color I want. More ›

2016 - 2019 › OT2 Liquid Handler Electronics
2016 - 2019 › Opentrons Modules
Teaching to Make DIY PCBs › Homemade Hardware
2015 - 2016 › Tomorrow Lab
2016 - 2019 › Python API: Moving Liquids
2019 › Magnetic Hue Light Controller
2014 - 2015 › Opentrons Platform Prototype
10 diy arduinos on one copper plate › Panelling Arduino Minis
I made a panel of 10 Arduino Pro Mini clones I designed. Their design was constrained by my DIY process, and the boards turned out great with the new soldermask process. More ›

2015 › Nodela
Design Decisions for Multi-Device Interactions › The Patchbay Interface
The Patchbay the graphical interface was developed for my 2014 master's thesis at ITP. It was designed to greatly simplify multi-device interactions, and allows users to make and break links between wireless objects. More ›

How to Make the Internet of Useless Things › ITP Master's Thesis
An exploration in fabrication, process, and interaction while making an internet of useless things. More ›

2013 › Noser
Tag any webpage with digital BitTorrent stickers › Browser Tag
Drag the 'BitTorrent Is Not A Crime' image to your bookmark bar, and cover any webpage with digital stickers. More ›

2013 › BitTorrent Projects
2013 › ScreenRacer
2013 › Numbers on the Board
2013 › Foodable
2013 › Bookmapping
2012 › Dipinator