Andy Sigler

product engineering  |  interactivity  |  software  |  electronics

I love to make physical things that are fun or interesting to use. My experiences mostly include designing gadgets and automation tools, plus I teach a graduate course on making DIY circuit boards.



Systems Architect / RnD / Software / Electronics 2014-'19, 2021-Present
@ Opentrons-Labworks
  • As Systems Architect, work across teams and disciplines to ensure product and engineering requirements are met at all stages of product development.
  • First employee at startup, writing entire software stack for Kickstarter release
  • Designed and developed the Opentrons Python API on a small team, released winter 2016
  • Lead design and systems engineering of the OT2 liquid-handling machine and pipettes
  • Wrote OT2 and Module device firmware, motion control software, and production line testing software
  • Sole electronics designer for the OT2, pipettes, temperature module, and magnetic module
  • Lead early product ideation, R&D, testing, and design for all hardware products, focusing on electronics and systems design
  • Helped grow factory and production process in Opentrons' Shenzhen factory, growing from two employees in 2016 to greater than fifty in 2019
Hardware Lead / Firmware 2019-2021
@ Oda Inc
  • Hardware team leader and manager for startup consumer-electronics product
  • Led mechanical, electrical, and production of 1k speaker systems
  • Wrote device firmware (WiFi/Bluetooth audio, BLE, interactivity)
ITP Fellow 2020
  • Developing software tools and experiences for ITP's robotic arms
  • Teaching wider ITP community how to safely use large robotic arms
  • Developing curriculum for a future class around the robotic arms
Freelance Consulting 2019-Present
@ self
  • Advising and developing on IoT systems and products, for startups, companies and regional artists
Adjunct Professor 2015-Present
  • Teaching a course of my own design, entitled Homemade Hardware
  • Graduate students from all types of backgrounds learn to design and fabricate DIY circuit boards
Electronics Design Engineer 2015-'16
@ Tomorrow Lab
  • Designed and tested production-ready prototypes and beta runs of wireless devices
  • Designed electronics and firmware for devices utilizing wireless protocols, including Bluetooth LE, WiFi, LoRa, and ANT
Research Resident 2014-'15
  • Research focusing on internet-of-things design tools, as well as circuit board fabrication techniques
  • Mentored graduate students with their projects, as well as held office hours to teach relevant engineering skills
  • Created the ITP "Hard-Lab", which is a section of the facility dedicated to circuit board fabrication, using pick-and-place machine, micro-milling machines, reflow ovens, parts management, and diagnostic equipment


Master's Degree 2012-'14
  • Self-lead master's degree, focused on interaction design through emerging hardware and internet technologies
  • Presented a master's thesis, Patchbay, a wireless framework for designing wirelessly interoperable toys and musical instruments
Bachelor's Degree 2006-'10
@ Hamilton-College
  • Political science major, and music minor
  • Varsity lacrosse player, three years starting at defensive midfield and close defense
  • Member of Alpha Delta Phi fraternity