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Properly Trained Autoencoder › Tensorflow Simpsons Morph
A focus on hyperparameters to build the best model More ›

Generative Doodles › Tensorflow Doodling MDN
An attempt to train a model to mimic my doodling style More ›

Generative Throat Noises › Tensorflow Vocoder Autoencoder
A real-time musical instrument built with a custom vocoder and trained autoencoder More ›

Writings, tutorials, guides, and examples › Tensorflow Learning Materials
Some links on ML and Tensorflow readings, guides, and examples More ›

Adding New Tutorials and Guides for DIY PCBs › Updated -
While teaching my class for the 4th time, I've taken the time to re-design and organize the website More ›

Make Any Image on DIY PCBs › Colorful Solder Mask
I figured out how to make DIY solder mask that can be any picture and color I want. More ›

Teaching to Make DIY PCBs › Homemade Hardware
Graduate students at ITP now have the ability to quickly iterate on custom circuit boards More ›

Affordable Open-Source Liquid Handler › OT2 Electronics
Creating a hardware platform, from early design to manufacture More ›

Devices Built for the Opentrons Platform › Opentrons Modules
Expanding automated workflows with Opentrons Modules More ›

Works Done at Tomorrow Lab › Tomorrow Lab
Some work designed while at Tomorrow Lab More ›

Opentrons Pipette API and Motion Control › Python API: Moving Liquids
Designed the pipette actions, and programmed their movement within the Opentrons liquid-handler Python API More ›

A Novel Interface to Control Hue Lights › Magnetic Hue Light Controller
A magnetic, four-sided die to control my Hue lights More ›

Tools to Make Boards In My Bedroom › DIY PCB Setup
I can go from a copper plate to a quality PCB, all without leaving my bedroom. More ›

Liquid-handling platform prototype, using HTML5 and NodeJS › Opentrons Platform Prototype
I helped Opentrons this past year by prototyping their liquid handling software stack. It's been a great experience and I learned some lasting lessons. More ›

cultural expression and internet art in the connected home › The Internet of Useless Things
To better explain why I want to make an Internet of Useless Things, I borrowed some words from a recent talk by Bruce Sterling. More ›

10 diy arduinos on one copper plate › Panelling Arduino Minis
I made a panel of 10 Arduino Pro Mini clones I designed. Their design was constrained by my DIY process, and the boards turned out great with the new soldermask process. More ›

strong and cheap wireless tranceiver › Dynamask and Twenty RFm69 Breakouts
Twenty RFm69 wireless tranceiver breakout boards, and More ›

cigar box made into a uv lightbox › UV Light Cigar Box
I needed an ultra-violet lightbox to make solder mask for PCBs, so I made one from a ton of UV LEDs and a cigar box I had lying around. More ›

A Web Interface for Milling PCBs on the Roland-Modela › Nodela
The Roland-Modela is a discontinued, but well made micro-milling machine. It's software package is terrible, so I made a simple interface for milling PCBs, and designed a new bed from delrin. More ›

Design Decisions for Multi-Device Interactions › The Patchbay Interface
The Patchbay the graphical interface was developed for my 2014 master's thesis at ITP. It was designed to greatly simplify multi-device interactions, and allows users to make and break links between wireless objects. More ›

Installing and Running NodeJS on the Arduino Yun › NodeJS + Yun
Below are the steps to get NodeJS up and running on the Arduino Yun. This tutorial assumes you have already connected the Yun to your network, and have a basic understanding of NodeJS. More ›

How to Make the Internet of Useless Things › ITP Master's Thesis
An exploration in fabrication, process, and interaction while making an internet of useless things. More ›

New Interface for Musical Expression › Noser
Noser is a musical instrument for exploring vocal resonance with the hand. It was developed and performed for the New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) course at ITP. More ›

Tag any webpage with digital BitTorrent stickers › Browser Tag
Drag the 'BitTorrent Is Not A Crime' image to your bookmark bar, and cover any webpage with digital stickers. More ›

Some Browser Animations › BitTorrent Projects
Projects made during my 2013 internship More ›

Multi-Screen Online Game › ScreenRacer
Fly your helicopter through any connected screen, and don't crash! More ›

Automated human movement using hacked muscle stimulators › OpenLimbs
Using hacked muscle stimulators, I found you could easily control someone else's arm, making a fun party trick. More ›

Syncopation and New York City › Numbers on the Board
Sound sculpture, symbolizing the cycles of time and alignment during the Mannhattan-Henge events in New York City More ›

Learn about and play with your food › Foodable
Foodable is an interactive table-top which monitors users actions to deliver information about their food. More ›

Interactive installation for books on a shelf › Bookmapping
Books on a shelf come to life when used as a medium for animation and interaction. More ›

Water cups as a musical instrument and game › Dipinator
Dip your fingers in a cup, and it will light up with sound. Play a song, or try your best at the memory game. More ›