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hardware – Tools to Make Boards In My Bedroom

I can go from a copper plate to a quality PCB, all without leaving my bedroom. More ›


Opentrons Platform Prototype

projects – Liquid-handling platform prototype, using HTML5 and NodeJS

I helped Opentrons this past year by prototyping their liquid handling software stack. It's been a great experience and I learned some lasting lessons. More ›

The Internet of Useless Things

useless-things – cultural expression and internet art in the connected home

To better explain why I want to make an Internet of Useless Things, I borrowed some words from a recent talk by Bruce Sterling. More ›


Panelling Arduino Minis

hardware – 10 diy arduinos on one copper plate

I made a panel of 10 Arduino Pro Mini clones I designed. Their design was constrained by my DIY process, and the boards turned out great with the new soldermask process. More ›


Dynamask and Twenty RFm69 Breakouts

hardware – strong and cheap wireless tranceiver

Twenty RFm69 wireless tranceiver breakout boards, and More ›


UV Light Cigar Box

hardware – cigar box made into a uv lightbox

I needed an ultra-violet lightbox to make solder mask for PCBs, so I made one from a ton of UV LEDs and a cigar box I had lying around. More ›



hardware – A Web Interface for Milling PCBs on the Roland-Modela

The Roland-Modela is a discontued, but well made micro-milling machine. It's software package is terrible, so I made a simple interface for milling PCBs, and designed a new bed from delrin. More ›

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