design with software and electronics

Andy Sigler

summer 2016 - winter 2019

Product Design and Production

Returned to Opentrons Labworks to design and manufacture the next-generation, open-source, liquid-handling hardware platform

fall 2015 - summer 2016

Internet of Things and Teaching

Work made while at the IoT design firm Tomorrow-Lab, as well as creating my own ITP-NYU graduate course

summer 2014 - summer 2015

DIY PCBs and Automation

Work made during a research residency at ITP-NYU, and creating the initial software stack for Opentrons Labwork's Kickstarter product

spring 2014

ITP Masters Thesis

Patchbay is a electronics and wireless platform for building musical instruments, toys, and other playful objects for the internet of things

fall 2012 - spring 2014

ITP Portfolio

Selected works from my time as a graduate student at ITP-NYU