design with software and electronics

Andy Sigler

summer 2016 - winter 2019

Product Design and Production

Returned to Opentrons Labworks to design and manufacture the next-generation, open-source, liquid-handling hardware platform

fall 2015 - summer 2016

Internet of Things and Teaching

Work made while at the IoT design firm Tomorrow-Lab, as well as creating my own ITP-NYU graduate course

summer 2014 - summer 2015

DIY PCBs and Automation

Work made during a research residency at ITP-NYU, and creating the initial software stack for Opentrons Labwork's Kickstarter product

spring 2014

ITP Masters Thesis

Patchbay is an electronics and wireless platform for building musical instruments, toys, and other playful objects for the internet of things

fall 2012 - spring 2014

ITP Portfolio

Selected works from my time as a graduate student at ITP-NYU